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P74 Gallery

Sound Explicit 2014

Jakopič Gallery, Slovenska cesta 9, Ljubljana

Sound Explicit is a cycle of live audio-visual experimental performances that presents a diversity of genres: from sound research to various forms of improvisation and experimental sound processing, sometimes accompanied by video. The cycle was first conceived in 2003, with the purpose of supporting a wider spectrum of creative composition and research in the field of audio-visual art, predominantly those non-popular forms.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014, at 8 pm:

Irena Tomažin
Boštjan Gombač

Irena Tomažin is a dancer, performer, vocalist and philosopher. From 2006, she has been performing her solo project for voice and dictaphone iT, which she has presented at home and abroad. Likewise she has collaborated with many important musicians from Slovenia and beyond.


Boštjan Gombač is well known Slovenian multi-instrumentalist and composer of music for theater, film and television. His work was released on more then ninety albums, from world music to classical music.


Josef (Seppo) Gründler
To do what happens anyway

One of the pioneers of improvised electro-acoustic music, Josef Gründler is a sound and media artist who experiments with computer programming and electronic equipment. The title of his project Doing what happens anyway is taken from Robert Musil’s novel The Man Without Qualities. The structured improvisation with electronic guitar offers possibilities for triggering sounds in the instrument as the computer responds to the smallest changes, thus simultaneously developing sounds through those generated and those played.


Žiga Murko

Trombonist, composer and producer Žiga Murko is a member of several music ensembles that are active in Slovenia and abroad. The project Live positions the production aspect of his creativity in the foreground. The deconstruction of experimental hip-hop, soul and jazz gives these genres a futuristic cover, above which rises the sound of improvised trombone. Murko will present new compositions, which we can look forward to on his forthcoming album, to be released later this year.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014, at 8 pm:

Samo Kutin
Ana Kravanja

Samo Kutin’s work in recent years is marked by an in-depth research of the sound-noise potential of the hurdy gurdy. Known mostly as a violinist in contemporary improvisation circles, Ana Kravanja is also a visual and circus artist. Both have long been involved in various ethnic, folk, street and improvisation projects and groups. Together they comprise the group Najoua, where they make music on the kalimba (thumb piano), often performing on handcrafted and modified instruments.


Tomaž Grom
Eduardo Raon

When we talk about experiment, improvisation and the crossing of genre borders, the “brothers in strings” Tomaž Grom and Eduardo Raon (Portugal) belong among the boldest and most imaginative musicians in each one’s homeland. Rason, who first performed in Slovenia in the group Powertrio, successfully confronts his classical hinterland with different approaches, from avant-garde to rock, from noise to pop. A similarly inclusive “modus operandi” is also characteristic of Grom, who not only plays in numerous groups, but is also an active instigator in the local improvisation scene.

Production and organisation:

P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute
P74 Gallery, Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Project Leader: Mojca Zupanič
In cooperation with: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
With support from: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Austrian Cultural Form, Ljubljana