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P74 Gallery

Matej Pečnikar: Paintings

9 January – 24 January 2012
KAPSULA, Podhod Ajdovščina 1, Ljubljana
Opening View: Monday, 10 January 2012 at 7 p.m.

The paintings of Matej Pečnikar recall a private collection of depicted fragments from the world of animals and nature, but without any obvious system of organization. The subjects Pečnikar’s depicts range from micro-views of living organisms to the macro-framing of psychedelic landscapes. His pictures of insects, meanwhile, suggest human civilization (e.g. the city/ant colony). His many animal images are joined by his desolate, almost virtual landscapes with only the rare tree. Although his compositions are simple, the themes of his paintings are more demanding than might appear at first glance. Through symbols, patterns, and rhythmically lined surfaces, the artist points to the concepts of cyclic movement, repetition, and replication, as well as the relationship between the spiritual and the subconscious. The artist himself stresses that the portrayed subjects do not represent the outer world but rather are focused on the inner one; the compositions are centrally organized, while the images are print-like, stylized, and archetypal.