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P74 Gallery

follow-ed (after hokusai)

11 March – 3 April 2011
P74 Gallery, Prušnikova 74, Ljubljana
Opening View: Friday, 11 March 2011 at 8 p.m.

follow-ed (after hokusai) is an exhibition curated by Michalis Pichler and Tom Sowden, featuring conceptual artworks, which for the most part use photography, the book form, and are somewhat ruschaish.

The assembly attempts to span a larger arc of tension, integrate Ruscha’s own books and put him into a evolution line in particular with the publications of Hiroshige and Hokusai, whose titles show great parallels in rhythm and use of numeric and vague enumerations (e.g. SEVEN ASPECTS OF THE ACTOR, FIFTYTHREE STATIONS OF THE TOKAIDO, FOUR SAMURAI FAMILIES, THIRTYSIX VIEWS OF MT FUJI, ONE HUNDRED VIEWS OF MOUNT FUJI, UNUSUAL VIEWS OF FAMOUS BRIDGES IN VARIOUS PROVINCES).
The missing link could be Yoshikazu Suzuki’s GINZA HACCHO, buildings on Ginza, Tokyo, published as an accordion foldout book – in 1952, hence preceding Ruscha’s Sunset Strip for 13 years- in the same street-view-style which was for very long considered essentially Ruscha.
Another missing link could be Henri Riviere’s Thirtysix Views of Eiffel Tower, one of the first western explicit paraphrases of Hokusai`s Thirtysix Views of Mount Fuji, that by now has been ‘redone’ dozens of times, both by Japanese and international artists.

The show is traveling to Winchester Gallery (University of Southhampton), Gallery P74 (Ljubljana), Arnolfini (Bristol, UK) and other places.
On occasion of the openings different new bookworks will be launched Cover of Crackers, by the Performance Reenactment Society (PRS) at Arnolfini and SIX HANDS AND A CHEESE SANDWICH by Michalis Pichler (featuring an excessive after-ruscha bibliography) at Gallery P74.

With works from: David Abbott, Anonymous, Edgar Arceneaux, Frans Baake, Steen Bach Cristensen, Jill Ballard, Victoria Bianchetti, Doro Boehme & Eric Baskauskas, JeffreyBrouws, Stephen Bush, Corinne Carlson & Karen Henderson & Marla Hlady, Lin Charlston, Bill Daniel, Natalie Daves, Cathy N. Davidson, Adam & Kate Davis, Jen Denike, Eric Doeringer, Sue Doggett, Lee Duegyoung, Frank Eye, Hans-Peter, Feldmann, Joel Fisher, Rafael Flichman, Stephen Fowler, Jan Freuchen, Thomas Galler, Anne-Valérie Gasc, Kate Glicksberg, Dejan Habicht, Sebastian Hackenschmidt & Stefan Oláh, Marcia Hafif, Mishka Henner, Taro Hirano, Hiroshige, Katsushika Hokusai, Dominik Hruza, Easley Stephen Jones, Rinata Kajumova & Achim Riechers, Hildegard Karnath, Gandha Key, Tanja Lažetić, Jonathan Lewis, Jochen Manz, Michael Maranda, miss read, Jonathan Monk, Simon Morris, Audun Mortensen, Angel Morua, Dan Murphy, Toby Mussman, Bruce Nauman, John O’Brian, Michalis Pichler, Adrian Piper, Tadej Pogačar, Susan Porteous, Jon Rafman, Lee Really, Performance Re-enactment Society (PRS), Henri Riviere, Henri, Ed Ruscha, (solo, with & Lawrence Weiner & with Mason Williams & Patrick Blackwell) Patrick, Tom Sachs, Ari Salomon, Jeremy Sanders, Joachim Schmid, Jean Frederic Schnyder, Yann Serandour, Travis Shaffer, Matthew Sleeth, Thomas Sowden, Gary Starks, EF Stevens, Derek Sullivan, Yoshikazu Suzuki, EricTabuchi, Kazuhide Takada, Erik Van der Weijde, LouisaVan Leer, Sam Venables, John Waters, Roger Zelazny, Hermann Zschiegner