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P74 Gallery

Prozori Gallery. Zagreb

4 December 2020 – 2 February 2021
Curator: Irena Bekić

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From Monday, 25 January the usual opening hours of the Gallery (Monday to Friday, 12.00 to 18.00) will be in place.
We kindly requested our visitors to follow all guidelines for the prevention of the spread of infections. The Gallery will be open until at least 29 January 2021.

The Prozori Gallery (Windows Gallery) is one of the most interesting independent publishers and exhibition places of contemporary art in Zagreb. It is situated on the premises of the National Library (Library S.S. Kranjčević, Zagreb City Libraries). Its intertwinement of two activities – gallery and library – allows for a programme that activates the potential of the library as a public space and opens up space for an establishment of new forms of cooperation. The symbolic and cultural capital of the library then serves as an important context that is activated, changed and redefined through works of art. It is from such configurations that artistic experimentation with the form of publication and book arises. The programme of publishing Artist’s Books within the framework of library activity may be understood as a subversion of a system based exclusively on the conventional publishers’ book production. Experimental art production in a library thus exploits an important niche.

The exhibition of the Prozori Gallery (Windows Gallery) in KAPSULA brings to light the publications that have been issued recently. The publications are genre-diverse, and their content opens up important topics of authorship, original, ownership and copy. Printed works by Marica Vitas, Marijan Molnar, Rafaela Dražić, Ivana Franke, Nina Kurtela, Vanja Babić, Tadej Pogačar, Sandra Sterle, Sandro Đukić, Neli Ružić and Dan Oki will be presented.


Irena Bekić (1964) graduated art history and comparative literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Zagreb, Croatia). She works for The Zagreb City Libraries as a librarian and manager/curator of the Prozori (Windows) Gallery. Convinced that contemporary art, owing to its flexible methodology, can provide tools for activating the community, she has channelled the gallery’s programme towards engaged artistic and social practices, with the aim of making room for critical thinking and informal education of the public. She publishes texts in the fields of art criticism and visual arts and conducts various art-research and educational projects. Member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) and AICA Croatia.