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From Ljubljana to Brazil

Tadej Pogačar heads to the 11th São Paulo International Architecture Biennial with Street Economy Archive

Visual and intermedia artist Tadej Pogačar will also be participating in the 11th  São Paulo International Architecture Biennial, running from 18 October to the end of December 2017, with the project Street Economy Archive (2001–today). Marti Peran, curator, critic, lecturer and author of the resounding international exhibition Post-it-City dealing with models of temporary architecture – which toured year ago to the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) – selected five projects for the biennial, among them also Street Economy Archive.

Tadej Pogačar, Street Economy Archive – Tirana

Street Economy Archive was conceived in 2001 as a visual archive in process. It investigates the influences of the parallel economy on societal, cultural and political relations in the every day urban environment. The archive includes examples of street shops from cities such as Venice, Istanbul, Bangkok, Mexico City, Rio de Janerio, São Paulo, Tirana, Warsaw, Madrid, Skopje. Because street vending is the most obvious form of informal economy it is constantly controlled and limited. The different environments have created uncountable variations of street selling, which are marked by the micro local specifics and traditions. It has survived only because of the mobility, flexible nature and improvisational skills of its actors. Street Economy Archive does not bring a collection of models of street economy or a panoramic overview of this problem – at the forefront it offers a subjective documentation of parallel worlds of economy, which, despite the number of obstacles, operates successfully and represents a means of survival for a number of groups and communities.

In recent years, Street Economy Archive was included in the research publication Informal Market Worlds. The Architecture of Economic Pressure by Peter Moertenboeck and Helge Mooshammer (2015) and on view at numerous exhibitions, among them, in Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, Istanbul, Naples, Milan, Novi Sad and on the retrospective exhibitions of Tadej Pogačar at Moderna galerija in Ljubljana and the Museum of CCContemporary Art Contemporary Arts in Zagreb.