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P74 Gallery

Polonca Lovšin: Man Is Full, the Goat Is Whole

1 – 22 September 2016
P74 Gallery, Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition “Man is Full, the Goat is Whole” by Polonca Lovšin on Thursday, 1 September 2016 at 20.00 at the P74 Gallery in Ljubljana.

Polonca Lovšin, A Plan with the Goat, 2010
Polonca Lovšin, A Plan with the Goat, 2010

Human interventions into nature are causing the dramatic extinction of a number of plant and animal species on the one hand and an ongoing growth of invasive species on the other. These changes remind us of fundamental existential questions, including a reconsideration of misinformed globalistic ecological concepts and models.

In her work, Polonca Lovšin searches for alternatives to the existing way of living and working. She is interested in human adaptations to the changing environmental conditions and finding alternative solutions for them. In her new project Man is Full, the Goat is Whole, which includes video, collage and spatial installations, she dives into an experiment in which she attempts to establish equal relations with a domesticated animal. She is prepared to also learn from animals and in this way modify the relationships between human-animal and human-nature, in which she is interested in crossing the typical boundaries. As the title suggests, she is researching the possibilities of how to live equally, so that it is good on both sides, both to humans and to nature, a condition that she sees as the only possibility of human (co)existence. To this aim, she left it to a goat to lead her through an abandoned construction pit and on the basis of the goat’s movements, Lovšin realized a spatial plan. For one week in her Ljubljana apartment, she lived with an egg-laying hen and together with it researched the behavioral patterns and objects connected to food, the food industry and the architectural industry. For several years she has been observing bees and admiring their technique of pollination and collective operation. Already in 2011 she conceived the work “Back to the City / Nazaj v mesto” in which bees play the central role. With it she warned about the importance of bees in the ecosystem and presented the thesis that in the future perhaps the only nature to survive will be in the city and with it the urban bee. With her new project, the author goes one step further. What if we do not succeed? What if the bees do become extinct? Thus she has created a series of prototypes for hand pollinating plants, special clothing and accessories. With them she continues her series of practical inventions, created from recycled and re-purposed everyday objects, intended for the ecologically-minded individual for operating in everyday life.

Polonca Lovšin (1970) is a professional architect and artist. In 2015 she finished her PhD in visual arts at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Her projects are multidisciplinary and include interventions in the public space, group performances, transformed everyday objects, video works and animations as well as collage. With the group KUD Obrat she has been active for several years in developing the community garden Beyond a Construction Site (2010–present). She has had solo exhibitions at home and abroad, in recent years on the exhibitions Movement for Public Speech, Maribor Art Gallery (2015 and 2016), Movement for Public Speech and Without Words I Follow Her, KUD Obrat and Pride Parade, Ljubljana (2016), Chicken or Egg, Pivka Culture House (2016), Soil, Water, Garden, Freedom in the series Draught, Museum of Contemporary Arts Metelkova (MSUM), Ljubljana (2015); Every Egg Matters, P74 Gallery, Ljubljana (2013) and Electrified Dreams, Kunstverein Gera, Germany (2011).
Among her most important group exhibitions belong: Stories from the Edge, Kunsthaus Graz (2016), Crises and New Beginnings: Slovenian Art 2005–2015, MSUM Ljubljana (2015), Green Island 2015, Urban Hives, Garibaldi Train Station, Milano, Italy (2015), Measures of Saving the World _Part 5, Galerija Rotor Gallery, Graz, Austria (2014), U3, 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art, together with KUD Obrat (MSUM), Ljubljana (2013), Tricky Women 2012, international film festival, Top Kino, Vienna (2012). Polonca Lovšin has received numerous stipends, residencies and awards, including the call of the Maribor Art Gallery for a project in the public space (2015) and the Liberal Academy’s Golden Bird Award 2010 for visual and intermedia arts (2011). She has participated in several artistic residencies in London (2016), Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK (2009) and in an ArtsLink Residency in New York and San Francisco (2006).

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