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P74 Gallery

Christopher Howard: The Decentered Art World

Presentation and Talk, Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 6 pm


Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 6 pm
P74 Gallery, Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Christopher Howard will deliver an informal talk and presentation as an art critic and curator, and will talk about his blog In Terms Of. He will speak about “Decentered Art World”, based on his experience acquired with his friends artists in New York and the experiences gained in encounters with previous Winners of the network YVAA.

Christopher Howard is a critic, editor, and occasional curator. He works for the College Art Association as managing editor and earned a BA in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Florida and an MA in art history from Hunter College. His writing on art and music has been published by, Modern Painters, Art Papers, Burnaway, the L Magazine, and the Brooklyn Rail, among others. Last year his blog In Terms Of, which reviews panels and lectures in the arts and humanities, received a major award from the Arts Writers Grant Program, funded by Creative Capital and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.
YVAA is the network developed in ten countries in former East Europe that award similar prizes, and the Institute of Contemporary Art, together with other members is a co-founder with the The Foundation for a Civil Society.

The Foundation for a Civil Society founded the first prize in the network, Jindrich Chalupecky Prize, in Czech Republic, thanks to Vaclav Havel and Wendy Luers, and enables the establishment of other awards in the network. The rest is history.

YVAA co-founders and members are:
Albania, Ardhje Award | Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zvono Award | Bulgaria BAZA Award | Czech Republic, Jindrch Chalupecky | Croatia, Radoslav Putar Award | Kosova, The Artist of Tomorrow | Macedonia, Denes Award | Slovakia, Oskar Čepan Prize | Slovenia, Nagrada skupine OHO | Serbia, Dimitrije Bašičević – Mangelos