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P74 Gallery

OHO Group Award 2013

10 May – 28 May 2013
P74 Gallery, Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana
Opening of the exhibition by nominees and the announcement of the winner

You are cordially invited to the official award ceremony of the OHO Group Award 2013, the main national visual arts award intended for young visual artists and an exhibition by the nominees at P74 Gallery, Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1, 1000 Ljubljana on Friday, 10 May 2013 at 19 p.m.

The nominees for this year’s OHO Group Award are Veli Silver, Meta Grgurevič, Dominik Mahnič, Oliver Pilić.

The OHO Group Award 2013 winner is Veli Silver.

This year’s expert jury is comprised of Janka Vukmir (art critic and historian, Zagreb), Tomaž Furlan (intermedia artists, Škofja Loka, Ljubljana) and Miran Mohar (AVA, Ljubljana).
The OHO Group Award was established by P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute, who is also a co-founder and partner of the international network Young Visual Artists Awards and of the organisation Center for Exchange in Visual Arts.

Foto: Dejan Habicht

About the award

This year marks the eighth consecutive year that P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute will bestow the OHO Group Award. Intended for young visual artists up to 35 years of age, the award is for works carried out in any of the following media: painting, sculpture, print-making, drawing, installation, photography, video, new media and performance. The award winner is selected according to the criteria of quality and innovation found in an artist work created in the previous two years.
The aim of the OHO Group Award is to support young visual artists and to provide recognition for their work. With the award we wish to create a positive working context of creativity and innovation and to move young artists from a marginal social position to a more centralised one. The award carries the name of the OHO Group, a neo-avant-garde artist group who with its innovative work brought to Slovene culture the latest contemporary art trends. Through its activities the OHO Group represented the concept of the new person and diverse society, which is open to integration, harmony, tolerance and free expression.

The OHO Group Award is supported and co-financed by: the Foundation for a Civil Society, New York; the Trust for Mutual Understanding, New York; ISCP, New York; the European Culture Foundation, Amsterdam; the Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture; and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

The main sponsor of the OHO Group Award is:


About this year’s nominees (in alphabetical order)

Veli Silver (Velibor Barišić), born 1983. Graduated in 2004 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) at the University of Ljubljana. From 2005 to 2006 he participated in an exchange programme at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (FBAUP), in Portugal. From 2009 he has been working in the duo “Veli&Amos” with Amos Angeles. Veli Silver has exhibited in many independent exhibitions in Zürich, Berlin, Maribor, Velenje and also on numerous group exhibitions in Graz, Zürich, Luzerne, Maribor, and Ljubljana. He is the recipient of several awards, among them, the first prize at Zhdk-Technopark 2012, the first prize Essl Award 2007, second prize of the graduates of ALUO.

About his work Veli Silver writes:
“I use language, codes, words, personalities, signs and transform all of it into my own context and aesthetic, mostly using self-irony. The tactic is to attract attention to illuminate the problem and the limits of our actual reality. The materials which I use in my works are always subordinated to the idea of my work and are therefore carefully selected. My creations are based on graffiti and over the years I have thoroughly researched public spaces, borders, activism and protests. Whether its about art in the public space or in a gallery, I always play with the given location and attempt to transform the space. The public is very important for me. With the help of my art works I wish to highlight certain themes and questions, but without moralising specific situations.”

Meta Grgurevič, born 1979. In 2007 she finished her post-graduate studies of Arti Visive e Discipline dello Spettacolo, with an emphasis on painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (Venice Acadamy of Fine Arts). She lives and works in Ljubljana. Her solo exhibitions have taken place in Ljubljana, Helsinki, Maribor, Novo mesto, Celje, group exhibitions have taken her to Vienna, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Celje, New York … She has participated in numerous residencies in New York, Helsinki, Ljubljana and Bitola. She is the recipent of a working scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of RS (2010) and also of a merit scholarship given by the Municipality of Ljubljana (2002–2006).

About her work Meta Grgurevič writes:
“For me the creative process is a continuous process of learning, which takes place in two directions: 1. To understand the technical characteristics of the fine art medium, to understand the system of working and my effect and in the end to know how to use it. 2. To understand the historical developments and background of media/the medium. Browsing through the history of science, film or literature, with the intention to discover all of the characteristics of the media, takes me to interesting random fragments of history in which I find for myself obvious analogies with contemporary times. Only this helps me in understanding and expanding the content of my work. Through my vision and perception of my position and the attitude towards the environment in which I live, I can reinterpret them and sometimes either directly or in-directly actualise them.”

Dominik Mahnič, born 1981. Between 2002–2006 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana. In 2007 he spent a semester in New Zealand at the Whanganui School of Design. After graduating from ALUO in 2008, he spent the next two years doing post-graduate studies there as well. He has had solo exhibitions in Ljubljana and Logatec and participated in group exhibitions in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Maribor, Milano, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Trbovlje, Skopje and Jesenice.

About his work Dominik Mahnič writes:
“The artist’s kitchen is an Internet series in which I address the abandoned chapters, in other words, the things that they don’t teach you at any art academy; that is, how to prepare a delicious meal with as little money as possible and arrive cheaply at a sense of satiety.”

Oliver Pilić, born 1978. After completing High School for Print and Paper in Ljubljana, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (2004–2005). From 2008–2012 he studied at the Academy of Visual Arts A.V.A. in Ljubljana, graduating in 2012. His work has been seen in solo exhibitions in Kamnik and Domžale, and in group exhibitions in Ribnica, Kamnik, Ljubljana and Maribor.

About his work Oliver Pilić writes:
“In today’s artistic activity I’m interested primarily in the relation between (gallery) spaces and ready-made objects, as well as between the ideological field and an image or object. For me the key question seems to be the concept of reproduction and of the original, as well as how to define them in relation to contemporary artistic practices. Because it holds true that today the artistic “form” is of a relational character, which is based on human relations, that is, on social behaviour, gatherings, events, etc.”

The programme of the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and by the Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture.